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This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want!
But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies.

Please remember:
1. Not to post one-worded or very short replies such as "thank you". The forum has got a thank you button (Спасибо) at the bottom of everyones posts therefore please use it !
2. Don't post replies in which you are talking about something that is only interesting to 1 or 2 other forum members. Remember, this is a forum, and your replies have to be interesting to all members

All posts which do not follow these rules will be deleted.
Thank You.

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I believe that the album will be released in August. At least we saw the pictures from the clip and that's already inspiring for now.

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Dima`s interview on the radio Mayk.
Maria and Kyril, D- Its Dmitry Koldun.

Translation of the text wrote by DAN

- Masha, you feel that you near «God»!
- I sit near Sorcerer!
- So with God or Sorcerer? Dmitriy won award «God of Ether».
D – There was simply a lot of rotation,so they gave me a award
– And you does feel like God itself?
– I do not know, simply gave to me a officially diploma (it is God.)
– Did give a star to you ,named of Dmitriy Koldun?
– No, a star was not given, only piece of earth.
– on Moon?
D – on Jupiter )
– ah, on Jupiter?! And in life God, Jupiter does not help to you?
D – in life not very much, because when you come in the dark apartment, luminescence is not present, however it is
necessary to switch on the light.
– And are there awards which you are proud of?
– I will in the future be proud of, when will win award of Gremmi.
- Do you joke?
- No, it does not joke. Once I dreamed about the studio, now I have her. joke decided , that it is necessary to
dream. Now i dream about Gremmi.
- And why are you Dmitriy, why – not Dima?
- Dima is some youth name.
- Looking on you it is difficult to name «Dima» are you such healthy, like a man so press a hand!
D – it is usually talked : «Not peculiar force in rows show-business.»
In – did you make off the shooting of clip, and why exactly in Petersburg? And you won award here ?
- So did not want to spend money, decided at once everything to do here at once . And generally in Peter there is an atmosphere other - White nights.
Question from a listener: - As did you so quickly chose a scenario for a clip?
- Simply chose a scenario which came to us first on a site, we used him at once.
– on Peter save money, on scenario writers save
You are fine fellows, that say here yet!
D – I consider also, that all is correct!
Bell from Svety – Do you read my letters?
D – eeee, nuuuu, mmmm, I read letters periodically. For no particular, now i does not remember .
– how many for you « Svets » - 18, and «Natashes» - 25? (prikolisty!)
– and in general is it difficult to manage with such amount of fans?
D – no, not difficultly. I have a box on a site, I read letters, there are very interesting. True my car is «painted» lipstick, it is necessary then to go by washing and explain to the people.
– «Tune in to me», why such name at a song? Some double sense.
- Did not simply know how to name, not there and not here.
- How is it «neither there nor here»? Some erotic implication.
– I the first time saw you on Eurovision,not on FZ . And you made very-very strong impression on me!! But I however thought «what next one generation of Eurovision, such sugary fellow, idol for girls».
And now here communicate and see you is a normal fellow! And what for you is Eurovision?
- For me its a step ahead, in creative life.
- And is truth , that to you gave an apartment in Byelorussia?
- Truth is told !
- fine fellows – belarusy, and in Moscow give nothing .
- And does you want to participate yet?
- I want, but i dream – that China participate.
- Aaaaa, you want an apartment from ot China !
– here looking on you, I to you not gave pop- songs, but rock-songs.
D – now I come forward so . And there is an album which will go out soon is my debut album, because two pirates let out already, – and this album will be «heavy».
Question from a listener: – what does «sense of house consist in for you»?
D – in possibility to go barefoot – because i can do it only in house.
Question from Artema – I did offering to the girl, and in reply sounded the words of song sounded «ne stoy». How I must be?
D – it seems to me that in reply it is necessary to sing her some good song!
– and did you do anybody suggestion?
- Only to the grandmother in a transport, offered to her to sit down into my place.
- And does interfere to you the personal life plenty of fans?
- No, does not prevent.
Question from listener:- What miracle was in your life, or you created him?
D – a miracle happened, when I rested in child's camp and argued with friends on the box of beer.
In – in «child's camp» - and box of beer??
D – yes, I argued, that on a railway bridge which was above the small small river, I will be pulled up twenty times. I very wanted one girl saw it
I understand now, that it could cost me life. Probably, it is is a miracle, that I remained living and won the box of beer.
Question from a listener: what does prefer dish?
D – which is not necessary to be prepared, very love myusli.
D – yes, somehow i lazy to reach frying pans, to prepare something.
– I speak to the the fans: did you notice that nobody for him does not reach these frying pans and grills nothing?, so he is free!
– why you such «correct» – does not walk to the party, does not tell bad things? What you do when you have free time?
- Like to do some shooting, on dishes. Although I did not get yet on any dish, but like to shoot!
Question ot a listener: would like to be taken off in the cinema?
D – if will invite, possibly, but not in a comedy, but in the film of horrors.
but as a role of hero-lover, taking away a woman from a fire on hands!
D – well, certainly,he took her away from a fire
– where you will be to rest at summer ?
- In Paris
- We wish you good rest in Paris, hello to the roofs of Monmartra, good time in the company of nice persons.
- Thank you.

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New voting on the radio Koldun

Our Top Hit is open, make a choice!
Dmitry Koldun («Factory of stars-6») and A`Studio - Fly away - 31/03/2006
Forgive for everything (Music: В.Дробыш, И.Латышко. Words: И.Латышко) - 01/08/2006
Work Your Magic ( Music: Ф.Киркоров. Words: К.Кавалерян) - 26/02/2007
Give me force (Music: Ф.Киркоров. Words: А.Морсин) - 06/03/2007
I am for you (Music: А.Лунев. Words: Lara D`elia) - 11/09/2007
Czarevna (Music: А.Лунев. Words: О.Томашевский) - 30/04/2008
On veins ( Music: И.Брылин. Words: И.Брылин / С.Саунин) - 22/07/2008
Unemployed love (Музыка:Б.Вартанян. Words: К. Arsenev) - 08/10/2008
Star (Music: А. Рыбниковs, word: К.. Arsenev) - 19/01/2009
Tune on to me (Music: Б.Вартанян, Д.Колдун. Words: И.Секачева) - 13/04/2009
The special opinion - in comments (no one song from this is dislike)



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ссылка на сообщение  Отправлено: 08.07.09 12:31. Заголовок: The 8th of July ..

The 8th of July "The day of family, love and fidelity" in Russia.
The simbol of this day is a camomile

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ссылка на сообщение  Отправлено: 08.07.09 15:35. Заголовок: Well... happy family..

Well... happy family, love, and fidelity day to everyone in Russia! =D

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ссылка на сообщение  Отправлено: 08.07.09 16:15. Заголовок: Oh such a great holi..

Oh such a great holiday.... Happy holiday to everyone in Russia!!!

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Guys,did you see the pictures where Dima was a child?
He is so nice!!!

Especially i like this.....

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Yeah I have seen them and I love them... Gladys that is also my favourite picture He is damn sweet here.He is like a chocolate and you wish to eat his cheeks here...And his pose is soooo cute.... I hope that we can see more pictures from his childhood...I really hope....

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i havent seen this photo before...he is so sweet here!!!! and you are right borce he is like a chocolate here!this the most sweetest photo from his childhood!i love it!!!

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ссылка на сообщение  Отправлено: 10.07.09 16:08. Заголовок: he was sucha cute bo..

he was such a cute boy! and he still is!

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How could anyone not say "Awwwww!!!" while looking at that picture? ^^

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ссылка на сообщение  Отправлено: 10.07.09 16:23. Заголовок: How could anyone not..

How could anyone not say "Awwwww!!!" while looking at that picture? ^^

I said that milion times Ela ..He is really damn sweet child and you just must say awwww while you looking the pictures Just look at this one:

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he still the same cute as now!

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Congratulation of fans on a birthday of Dmitriy Koldun 11 06 2009 (studio «Lizard», Moscow)

You can Download this video


For a record thank you оf.site.

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Dima said on radio that we can see the clip today or tomorrow!!!

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