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ссылка на сообщение  Отправлено: 12.01.08 20:51. Заголовок: Off-topic. Part 4

This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want!
But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies.

Please remember:
1. Not to post one-worded or very short replies such as "thank you". The forum has got a thank you button (Спасибо) at the bottom of everyones posts therefore please use it !
2. Don't post replies in which you are talking about something that is only interesting to 1 or 2 other forum members. Remember, this is a forum, and your replies have to be interesting to all members

All posts which do not follow these rules will be deleted.
Thank You.

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Thanks ones again That is so great to hear(that he hates those words). He is such a good boy and great role model!!!!

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Рlaylist radio KOLDUN. 16.08.2009

There is a new track on the radio_KOLDUN

Dont fade away no vocal


text "Dont fade away"

text "Plach'_i_poy "

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This is a cool melody. It's great to hear that type of songs, especially when they're sad & minor.

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Dmitriy Koldun in the TV program "The Middle class" on the channel NTV.

The TV program "Middle class" was about a conctructive detachments.
Dmitriy sang song "Yarostniy_stroyotryad" (this song about a conctructive detachments )under a guitar in studio Lizard.
Yet he said a few words about the benefit of a conctructive detachments.



I can say only that a blue shirt with a tie - very goes to him.....to his eyes!

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I love his outfit,hair,trainers.......EVERYTHING!!!!!! And I agree the shirt colour suits him perfectly with his eyes!!!!

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ссылка на сообщение  Отправлено: 20.08.09 10:29. Заголовок: Presentation of the First Album by Dmitry Koldun at B2 Club in Moscow on September 3, 2009


If some of you intend to be in Moscow on the first week of September or want to come specifically for the Presentation of Dmitry Koldun's first album, the following translation of yesterday's message by Antis is for you:

Dmitry Koldun invites Forum members to attend the presentation of his first album.

Those who want to get a free invitation please send your Nick Name + First Name, Last Name to presentation@koldun.name. Having sent us your application you will receive a return e-mail with confirmation that your application is accepted. Please note that in accordance with the B2 Club regulations, the attendees should be no younger than 18 years of age.

The deadline for submission is September 1st. We kindly request that only those who are DEFINITE that they will attend should apply.

Many thanks to Koldun and his Management Team for this great opportunity to attend his presentation. I take the liberty to say on behalf of all of us that we have been waiting for this event for VERY LONG and certainly want to attend – to rejoice at the Artist’s achievement and also to enjoy his singing )))

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Dmitriy Koldun: "I am incorrigible romantic"

He is a winner of «Factory of stars 6», shoumen, proprietor of own musical studio and possessor of dreamy dark blue eyes.
Today in guests of «Marusy» Dmitriy Koldun answered honestly on all trickiest questions

-We will begin from a distance.
Tell, please, you had wanted to be a doctor or chemist and even in a role of writer, and became a musician?

- A sequence of my preferences in professions was such: writer, doctor, chemist. And music always was only a hobby. I did not think about artistic activity as basic, did not think that i can devote to it all my life.
In the 6th of class of the school, on one of competitions KVN it was be needed to write something eccentric
I invented a story «Dog Polkan is a friend of Peter» in which every word began on the letter of «P».
And some time indeed thought became writer (smiles).
To completion of school priorities were replaced, and I very wanted to become a doctor. But one case the witness of which I became changed my plans, that to be a doctor is enormous responsibility for lives of other people. Am I ready to undertake her? It was difficultly to answer on this question, and I decided that was another science which always carried me, it was chemistry.
Decided – and went to stady in BGU.
But a fate bossed differently, now all my life is devoted music which once was simply a hobby.

-And what did you begin with? Did you write anything yourself ?

-In the school years we with friends had the group which was named «The Heavy wheeled plough». We were writing all songs. And we had one unchanging rule: it is possible to sing about everything, but not about love (smiles). Sang about tomatoes, about watering hoses. We took part in the competitions of patriotic song and got the prizes. and song about love wrote in 16 years, when i felt first sense.

- As I know, a solo album not output until now?

-Producers which I worked with were before engaged in all creative questions. An album was planned to the output at the beginning of the last year, then the date of release was carried once or twice.
Now I work without producers, independently engaged in the creation and i very glad. I decide that to sing and when to produce disks. I plan to let out the first solo disk quite soon. There I will appear newly, for many cut out from an unexpected side. I do not want now to tell about all riddles, an album will go out – and you will hear everything (smiles enigmatically).

-That for you main source of inspiration?

- Life, with all its secrets, charms, failings. When i very depressed, i write sad songs . When all is good and on the soul gladly, can write something joking. I compose mainly,while i trust texts to other people.

-Tell, please, about participating in rock-opere «Star and death of Hoakina Mur'ety».

-All was begun , that it was offered to me to write down vocal parties of protagonist for the audioversion. I did not want to play in this , but Alexsey L'vovich convinced Rybnikov (author of music and ideological inspirer of the revived version of opera) convinced me to go on an actor experiment. In a rehearsal process for me began somewhere month before the premiere of show. The most difficult for me it was necessary to be reincarnated, live of the life other man when all see it. I will say one: an actor is a difficult profession, but interesting.

-In memory of many people your appearance with Scorpions on the stage of «Factory of stars 6». Are there yet some performers with which you would like to sing?

-This appearance in my memory too , but our collaboration with this group did not make off . By the autumn of the last year in Minsk i was glad to open the concert of «Skorpov». There with the musicians I presented the new concert program.
And with whom yet I want to Are there yet some performers with which you would like to sing?
While its difficulty to say, but time will come and necessarily i will sing with anybody yet.

-What music do you listen?

-Most different. Beginning ot the commercial dancing (David Guetta, Armin van Buuren) and a heavy metal (Slipknot, Stone Sour). In high regard I behave to creation of group of Nickelback.

-How do you behave to the admirers, adoring you? I know,you have a lot. Do you weary from attention?-

- I belong with understanding and gratitude. Exactly by their forces was created internet-radio Koldun at one time. On the court of his listeners I take away the new works periodically, and then with large interest read their opinions. And yet there is a remarkable forum on my official site, he is also created forces of my fans. Operative and exact information flows down there: announcements, photo, video, publications. And certainly, heartfelt intercourse is there present. So to the admirers I belong with a large warmth!

-And what girls do you like ?

- Clever and beautiful, although combination both in one girl meets rarely. I value, when a girl sees and values some human qualities, instead of external shell above all things. And I like yet, when girl it is needed to try to get.

-And is there a chance for some admirer to cause interest from your side? -

- Certainly! I always talk that is possible all and it is never impossible to guess, as life will turn (smiles)!

- Would you in a few words describe itself?

- I can name itself merry and cheerful, all talk though, that my sad eyes. Actually I am incorrigible romanticism!!! I trust that all necessarily will be good!

- Tell a few things which you can not live without

- I can not not live without a guitar- music one of main fascinations of my life. Without a computer – where without intercourse. Without coffee – the cup of this drink from a morning make wonder. Without a car – nowhere i will have time differently. Well and without you, girls!!!

- You possess a pretty bright exterior. Did you have offere to be taken off in the cinema, for example? How did you behave to the similar idea?-

- Suggestions on surveys in the cinema while i did not have, probably, it expects me ahead. I would play some scoundrel, difficult and contradictory nature with gladness. I would open his good sides, in fact and for villains have good sides. There are not «finally» bad people.

- Will you be divided plans on the future?

- I try to build no plans. All, that usually takes place in my life, turns out in itself. I simply dedicate itself work, go to the set purpose, and all turns out in itself. Mainly, to understand, what want, able to determine tasks and work in this direction.
And then life helps in realization of planned.

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Thanks for the interview Gladys !!!!I love this part:

He is a winner of «Factory of stars 6», shoumen, proprietor of own musical studio and possessor of dreamy dark blue eyes.

Totaly true and such a beautiful start for interview!

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"Table of the orders" on RU TV

25-rd of August, 2009 on Ru.TV from 17:00 to 18:00 hours (msk. time) in the program «Table of orders»
Dmitriy Koldun together with the Vj of TV channel Yuley Lysenko will fulfil musical wishes of the audience.


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ссылка на сообщение  Отправлено: 26.08.09 10:29. Заголовок: A dialogs of Dmitriy..

A dialogs of Dmitriy Koldun and Julia Lysenko on RU of TV
Thanks to Дан for the text version of TV program

Julia – Dima, tell as you wrote down an album?
Dima – We wrote down his whole year in the studio together with Alexander Astashenok. An album has hard sounding.
Julia - More rock? How on a tree?
Dima - Practically, yes. As on a tree by the burnt rubber.
Julia - Many will not understand such musical slang now.
Dima - And that to do? It is necessary to teach or punish, or to encourage.
Julia - And you was punished in childhood?
Dima - I was punished by a neighbour,I collected his gooseberry under a window. He threw down bubbles with soapy water or with a valerian. Terrible cats attacked on me, began to scratch. He had here such acute method of punishment.
Julia - Do you know, there is such sign, that if you put on jacket hinder part before.
Dima - Woman`s jacket?
Julia - Do you like woman`s jackets?
Dima – No, but I like, when women put on woman's jacket hinder part before, and then they change clothes.
Julia - By the way, about girls. Is your heart free or not?

Dima -In my heart blood clots are not present in my heart , and in general there is someone there.
Julia- And more deitail? Such likable, talented person, million of girls around .
Dima - Generally one hundred fifty millions look now Rutv,и one girl from them lives in my heart.
Julia- Will you sing a duet with Alexander Rybak? (question from SMS)
Dima - It can be and we will sing some time, when our duet will be named «The magic fishing».
Julia- What kind of rest do you like is active or to lie on beach, on sun ?
Dima- Sure, active, for example rafting, when by a head downward swim down stream.
Dima- Yet I very like run.
Julia- Do you run at morning?
Dima- No, I run each evening, run on stairs with a bin of garbage.
Julia- From whom do you run?
Dima- Mainly from people which want to find job.
Julia- Did they decide that you, how is sorcerer, can help them?
Dima- People think that I have a magic stick, but they do not know that my stick..
Julia- About your magic stick we will not talk...
- Dima, did you sing with Natasha Rudova in «Two stars» did you like she ? Why you not marrie on her ?( SMS)
Dima- If I was married on all, who i liked, I was condemned by society.
Julia- Do you have a hobby?
Dima- I very like to shoot. I repent, in childhood I shot on birds, now I shoot on monsters in a rifle-range.
Julia- And did you hunt?
Dima-No,I did not hunt, because i feel, that someone will be hunt on me.
Julia- Do you want to enter into some association, for example, «defence of animals»?
Dima- I very like brown bears, I would like to help them , special if they live in town, to help to pass across the road.
Julia- When you was in a zoo last time ?
Dima- Quite recently I was in Luxemburg and visited a zoo there. There was a very large bear which, probably, did not feed very long, because he looked at me with love, when I was looking in a cage.
Julia- Brown bear?
Dima-No, white,so I did not like him at first glance.
Julia- And did you fall in love at first glance?
Dima- Yes, I had love at first glance, true this was a not girl, this was a sausage. Then I was very hungry and fell in love with her and swallowed her at once! This was my first love.
Julia- I think that when you saw the sausage, you yelled : «I will not give her to anybody!»
Julia- Say, and you are a hospitable man?
Dima- Yes, I like to invite guests, but they came rarely to me, because they are afraid – i have an altar for sacrifice at home, true It is decorative and never used, but people are afraid.
Julia- Are many people ask you Koldun (Sorcerer ) is a pseudonym or not?
Dima- Many, especially staroobryadtsy, apparently want to burn me.
Julia- Do you communicate on a forum with the admirers?
Dima- I write rarely, but I read everything, watch after everything !
Julia- That do you want to wish our audience?
Dima- I want to wish, that you were always healthy, happy, beloved and hug more !

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"Hug more!" That will always sound cool and attractive. Even though Dmitriy writes here rarely I still appreciate that.

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Well i really liked the poster for the presentation of the album!!Dima looks so nice

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Dmitriy Koldun about a new album and Eurovision

Dmitriy Koldun,before the realese of the first album, answered a few questions for peopleschoice.ru

What do you wait from a new album?

Realese of this disk large and serious step in my creation. I took enormous enjoyment of the process of recording this album. how i was searching musical material, rehearsals, finding of necessary sound, record, in general process of birth on disk . It is impossible to say that I wait something concrete, i will be glad to hear, both, positive reviews and critic

Would you like again take part in the Eurovision and repeat the exploit of Dmitriy Bilan?
Possibly, some time I will enter in this river again, but not in the nearest future. I will wait, when a competition will be extended by the list of countries of participants.

Now many star pair declare of the plans to marriage, you do you not plan to join with their number?

I consider that wedding it is a very responsible step in life. I do not want to repeat experience of matrimonial pair which go away barely married. For me there is family - it once for all life and I befit very seriosly to it.

Now in my life there is a wonderful girl We have long relations. Possibly, we will decide on this step, time will show.


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In some internet-shops appeared information about an album "Koldun"



International parcel post is carried out by mail all over the world.
Term of delivery on the World from 10 to 60 days.


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ссылка на сообщение  Отправлено: 31.08.09 12:46. Заголовок: Gladys thank you so..

Gladys thank you so much for the links
I'm sooooooo happy with the track list OMG and studio versions for "Все что ты хочешь" and "Somebody's loving you"!!! I CAN'T WAIT for the album!!!!!!!!!!

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