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An articles,a note about Dmitriy Koldun and interviews with Dmitriy Koldun
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Dmitriy Koldun in a rating «The Person of year: Belarus» again!

On the first positions in a rating «The Person of year: Belarus» - the president Alexander Lukashenko and prime minister Sergey Sidorsky.
From last year- the head of Natsbank Peter Prokopovich, metropolitan Philaret, tennis player Maxim Mirnyj, singer Dmitriy Koldun, the winner of competition of "Eurovision" Alexander Rybak andl ex-Minister of Defence Leonid Maltsev.

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The short review of a radio program "Nice people".
Thanks very much to Дан for the text version
Скрытый текст

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Dmitriy Koldun: "My girlfriend exactly will be not from show- business!"

Dmitriy Koldun will fall in love with the girl who will be "on one wave" with him. For Dima, it is not necessary that girl to possess modelling appearance. It is enough to have simple human qualities: charm, kindness, sense of humour...

- For me it is important, that we were on one wave that the girl understand me and accepte me such I am in the life , - Koldun shared with us. - It is difficult to me to communicate with people who do not understand jokes and are not able to joke.
Very much I appreciate very much such quality, as reliability when together with the person it is possible to divide not only pleasure, but also any difficult moments. And for me it is not so important, what nationality or belief the girl, in this question I am absolutely democratic. The main thing- what inside the person! Perhaps, it can be understand on the eyes. I feel it.

And that I precisely do not accept in girls, and in general in people it is egoism: when in any common causes the interests are put above others. I do not love such qualities, as importunity and persistence. There is one more important point - the profession of my girlfriend. For a long time ago, l decided that she will not have any relation to show-business. It is not important that she will be doing, but it will be exactly not the media person. I am very grateful to my parents that we were never had disagreements concerning of my choice. I always had a right to solve all by myself, to do conclusions and to study on the experience.

Tatyana Koldun(Dmitriy's mum): "I will agree with any choice of the son - the main thing that he will be happy!"

- The son always connected me with his girlfriends. For me it is not important, what qualities that girl will possess, on whom Dima will decide to marry. The main thing that their feeling will be reciprocsial that she supporte him and create comfortable house .

Анастасия КОЗЛОВА — 15.02.2010


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Dmitriy Koldun was be invited to go on "Evrovision-2010" from Russia

Dmitriy Koldun was be invited to go on "Evrovision-2010" from Russia. Today the singer informed on at session of a round table in Minsk, to correspondent БЕЛТА .

"This year I was already invited to go on the "Eurovision "from Russia but for me it is a principale question. I said that from any other country I will not go", - the singer told.

Besides, the song which been offered absolutely is not in his style of the singer. Probably, if the song would be performed by other singer it may be could become the hit and take a worthy place But for Dima this composition is not organic. For itself the singer does not put the purpose to participate in present or following "Eurovision". The good song is necessary for good performance. While such song is not present.

Dmitriy Koldun participated in "Eurovision" in Helsinki in 2007. He represented Belarus with song "Work your magic" which Author of this song Russian singer Philip Kirkorov. Following the results of voting of spectators the singer occupied the 6th place.
It is the good result in the history of participation of Belarus in "Eurovision"till now. After that the singer repeatedly stated the desire again to take part in this competition.

On February, 25th, Minsk / correspondent BELTA/.

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The text version of the TV- program "Good morning" on the First channel

Do you want to know the character of the man by his hobby?
About 30 of seconds on the each actor
Dima was shown the first :

Dmitriy Koldun is a skilled rifleman and his hobby is the shooting.
If you think that he is too aggressive you are mistake.
Dmitriy Koldun :"I am quiet in a life
May be a fly I can offend, but something more - it`s hardly."

Psychologists say that such men are reasonably who splash out all negative.
And everything that is necessary for them from the woman it is warm and care.
The main thing - not to try to deprive him the favourite hobby, differently where he will put his energy?
The comment of the psychologist:
- It is necessary always meet him with a tender smile and give to drink tea.

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"The fabrika of stars 6 "celebrated birthday"

On March, 11th graduates of the sixth fabrika of stars gathered again to celebrate 4 yaers from the moment of broadcast on the First channel their happy «"The fabrika of stars ».
Celebrating was taken place in one of the Moscow night club.

The tradition to gather this day was formed thanks to that «The fabrika of stars 6» was most amicable of all seasons of the project
And anybody from participants does not wish to pass the annual meeting
It is interesting to everyone to see old friends and compare the achievements for the past year .

All present were energetic, kind and cheerful!
Arseny Borodin and Dmitry Koldun all the evening sang a duet heart-breaking voices
Sometimes even it was better than the original, eclipsing all present singers casually come to a karaoke.

Prochor Shalyapin preferred the sister the Sonay for a duet.
Юлика sang something from «Beyonce» and answered on the questions of casual visitors, why she will to go to the Eurovision with the song on the Russian language, disappeared in a night club smoke.

As a whole the meeting passed successfully and positively.
Next anniversary year, they think to make a charitable concert «The fabrika of stars 6».


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