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In announcements and news about Dima`s performances,conserts, shootings and etc.

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Dima's new message on blogs@mail.ru

Be with us!
In the world are not a lot of people with whom possible to meet an old age!
It can be everybody, but as a rule, she is your second part.
There are in the nature different thing, but almost always this second part for us, men, it`s you- women!
Personally for me the woman never turns to the grandmother or is even worse, in the old woman if she is a charm and cheerful! And this day even the nature not deprived us of the sun
Among grey days gave a little heat and pleasure
That each flower presented this day was rejoicing to the sun in the same time with who already received it!
Love and warm! Always! We are love you very much!


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This is a translation of Dmitry Koldun's message posted on March 8th in the News and Announcements Page:

Let’s embrace each other? Girls!
For me the two days, the 23rd of February and the 8th of March, are one and the same holiday, only in accordance with different calendars (the difference is the same as between Catholic Christmas and Russian Orthodox Christmas)!))
But I am glad that I can congratulate you in person exactly here with this day! I wish you love and inspiration! Thank you for everything!


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The 20th of March 2010 you can see two TV-show with Dmitriy Koldun!

“The main road”

On March 20th at 10:25 a.m.Moscow time one of the items of the program
“The main road” on NTV (НТВ) Channel,Russia,
will how Dmitriy Koldun is taking on a course ofaccident-proof driving
with the help of a driving instructor in atest-drive car.

“Experimenting with a Star”

On March 20th at 2 p.m. Moscow time
TV viewers will be able to see how successful was Dmitriy Koldun in coping with some tricky tasks
when playing a fitness instructor in the item “Experimenting with a Star”
of the program “Cosmopolitan: Video Version” on TNT TV Channel, Russia.

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Dima's new message on blogs@mail.ru

Hysterics in the "Isterika".
Yesterday I visited club "Isterika".
There passed the presentation of an album of Lena Knjazeva.
She called to me one of these days and invited to come.
I generally do not like to go on such events
But I solved to come.
I can not tell that there were a few people
But people known to me, who do not look a TV set, I noted a few person...
Only Gasparjan and my colleagues on Fabrika.
Before I did not know Elena's creativity, now acquainted...
I can not named myself the admirer of such music, but in my opinion it`s lovely, sincerely and live.
And still I noticed that some journalists wished very much to take interview from Lena
And they told some unplesant phases to Lena "everyone climb on a scene" or type "sing one of song in live "...
So I offended a fly in the childhood, since I do want to offend all alive!
I sang a song and in every possible way supported Lena, so to say!
So, friends it is necessary to be kinder!
Others on a sofa lie...
Has recollected: If you do not want to receive criticism - do not rise from a sofa, do nothing, simply be nobody (c)
And Lena certainly was commotional And in it was all her charm!
When the girl emotional it is always very touching)))


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"This is Moscow"

On March 25th at 8:30 p.m. Moscow time
Dmitry Koldun will be visiting with Mikhail Antonov, the host of “This is Moscow” radio show.
What is the singer and musician busy with now?
Listeners will learn about it during live information program “Moscow On-Line” (92.0 FM).

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