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This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want!
But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies.

Please remember:
1. Not to post one-worded or very short replies such as "thank you". The forum has got a thank you button (Спасибо) at the bottom of everyones posts therefore please use it !
2. Don't post replies in which you are talking about something that is only interesting to 1 or 2 other forum members. Remember, this is a forum, and your replies have to be interesting to all members

All posts which do not follow these rules will be deleted.
Thank You.

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And I too Miranda!!!!! About our questions I think that we had to write them more earlier because we wrote them too late and I think that someone selected the questions!!! BTW his english is pretty good now!!!!! Дима спасибо огромное for talking on english for your international fans!!!!

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Borce I don't think you were too late..I wrote mine the day before the chat was about to happen..probably he picked which ones to answer before he started the chat, or maybe someone helped him choose them, cause there were lots of them

I agree about his english! he speaks it great!

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Its seems to be yuor question about motto Dima read!!!

Dima: "I forgot my motto,but i had arms blason.
I drew it at school."

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Translations of on-line
Part 1
1 The first question was about happiness.
Dima : People are happy years to 4, while they remember nothing, and then it is not already...
2. about fans, as he belongs to them...
Dima: normally)
3. As better: to spare about not done or about done.
Dima: It depends on a situation (heart-rending history goes about a trip in childhood to Poland and shokolad)
4. Question about animals.
Dima: For me only dinosaur.
5.That does prepare you mother on you returning?
Dima: Fried potato. Especially loves when I ask her, only I a long ago did not eat her.
6. Question about a silver medal.
Dima: (banters again) I was glad, when got her. When studied, badly was friends with mathematics and was heap of time to conduct with a teacher by Natalia Grigor'evnoy. Now I put a medal into water, in place of disinfection.
7. Question about materiality of idea.
Dima : Its depends of man .
8. About a clip - will be taken off, all will tell then.
And about KVN...Said that very much loves him.
Dima: Me not in Kvn- invited, but in the combined team soccer "stars of Byelorussia".
9. Question about a vocal...
10. Question about friends and relatives from Minsk, how often he rides to them.
11. About a chess.
Dima: Sometimes I go out in a court and can even to beat
the pair of lads there...
12. Singing and inspiration.
Dima: Well, my songs are either tragic or lyric.
13. About a song vizit-card.
Dima: WELL...I do not print business cards
14. you whether believe in prophetic sleeps, whether nightmares dream.
Dima: (terrible story) about aliens...about balls and sputniki...
15. Question about cartoons.
Dima: What more dull cartoons, I like anymore.
16. Question about rock-opera.
Dima: Understand, crisis. But rock-opera have second troupe, as a dear soccer command.
17. Whom do you see itself by?
Dima: I am not Vanga, I simply want that I was respected.
18. What do you do an accent in songs?
Dima: On an emotion. It is talked that at Vysotskyi it was badly
with a vocal, but it took emotions.
19. What reaction you wait ot listeners.
Dima: There are some feelings during singing.
And with respect to listeners, for me each song- experiment
20.About the implication of songs.
Dima: He is everywhere..."Не paradise", "two weeks of summer".
21. What do you feel, when do people ride from other country?
Dima :The heat in a thorax.

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Translations of on-line
Part 2
22. That it is better to sing in a studio or on the stage.
Dima: Strange question. you asked yet, what better - to sleep or be goodlooking.
23. As far as is voice enough for the clean singing?
Dima: There is such vehicle, from America brought. I measured - two weeks.(joking)
24. Favourite fairy-tale
Dima: I remember not a single fairy-tale in general...about "Hen and cockl"...(short retelling from Dima)
25. Sing a refrain from a song.
Dima: I will sing, together with a dinosaur.
27. About a duet with brother Zhoroy , conduct on the stage
Dima: There are concerts, when they are successful, when it is not...on the whole I try openly to work. It is, on the wave of adrenalin do strange acts on the stage
28.About fans.
Dima: I do not love a word "fans", it about football.
29. You ask advice from whom .
Дима:on site of advice.ru(joking)
30. Favourite place.
Dima: Park, turn off an engine and thank heavens, that
windows are tint.
31. Question about top-3 songs it on radio.
Dima: I switch on the radio to know - does it work?
32. About heading of the article of "Taxi".
Dima: I thought of the name.
33. About a "green creature".
Dima: know studio was named "lizard"...and it is mysticism ...
34.As possible to show you out of itself.
Dima: On a street to take and show out. People talk different.
35. Question about a move in a little city.
Dima: And I and so...from Minsk to Moscow.
36. about an action there is advancement
of album.
Dima: Aha.
37. about not entering songs, type of
а"get up".
Dima: "Reality" will be,а "get up in the
38. why do you reply with a joke?
Dima: Depends of a question.
Dima: It is more pleasant to listen very handsome "guy",
that "freak".
41. How many you sleep.
Dima: from 7 to 12 hours. Or so, or so.
42. Question about a girl from a song.
Dima: I am afraid of type- afraid to ask a czarevna
or type to give me forces 43. about a repertoire and singing( priorities)
Dima: Again about Vysotskyi...
44. about Chetvergov.
Dima: Well...
46. Opinion about "Tune on to me".
Dima: It was written in Minsk in the apartment of Bagrata for 4 days. A refrain was written with quick. Decided that a lung is necessary, unemployed senses and histories will be
enough already about to, that we will not be in to paradise...
47. What success depends on.
Dima: From everything, talent and ability... 48. Question about an audience.
Dima: Why you are not ask yet about grandmothers, Cinderellas and animals yet. I do it from all soul .
49. about a "sweet boy".
Dima: I felt myself "sweet boy" one time - after a shower the sugar started to climb on to me.
50. Question about the stage - where is it better to come forward?
Dima: There is the charm in everything.
51. How always you are content with the appearance.
Dima: I always write down video, estimate then.
52. Birth of music-its hard or not?
Dima: Probably, inspiration, although...a brain was not steamed .
53. Were there appearances in unison with a hall?
Dima : Yes
54. How many in an album
Dima : 12
55. do you listen to opinion ?
Dima: Sometimes, are very useful...
56. who is owner in a house ?
Dima: what is means a "owner" in? in means to clean the home or that?

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Translations of on-line
Part 3
57. How quickly do you forgive offenses?
Dima: Now I will write list what things I can be offended.
58. About the "free swimming".
Dima: There is it + and - Difficultly, but there is here the side,that you develop and realize the acts.
59. Secrets of concentration.
Дима:power of will.
60. Again something about a girl from sleep.....
Dima: And I saw many girls in sleep.
61. About charity actions.
Dima:In April there will be a concert in support toot people with oncology diseases
62. About to return in the pass.
Dima: I do not know,i am not Brego if i would leave in 80 and would sell there i-fon...
63. That you can forgive a girl.
Dima: It is necessary to forgive everything.
64. At how many listeners you would sing in
a hall.
Dima: There were three one time
65. about animals
Dima: he will perish, a dinosaur befits only
to me. About love at first glanse.
Dima: Not always and from first.
you began to love rest rooms in clubs (a question is shorter about to, that will do,
escaping from fans ).
Dima: I have a trump trick...
70. Whether decorates a modesty.
Dima: Well, fairly.
Dima: I play with itself in a chess...I do not like to swear ....
72.Question about rest.
Dima: I remember tha i I was in Feodosii in a camp rested.
73. How did a mother name you in the childhood?
Dima: A mother called so, and a dad called "Koldusha"
74. about a favourite place in Minsk.
Dima: to go for a walk near the Troitskogo suburb.
75. Do you love surprises?
Dima: I like good surprises
76. Question about the English album.
77. About a bad mood.
Dima: I begin to squeal, fall and fight in a hysterical.
78. whether it is possible whether to send to you verses.
Dima: it is possible.
79. About musical instruments
Dima: I made off a class on fortepiano аnd i want to learn to play on a triangle(joking)
80. about a dream.
Dima: I want to be simply happy.
81. Question about a monument in Minsk.
Dima: that stood in a lake and my knees were above water...(joking)
82. refrain of "czarevna"...
Dima: (to write words? ) and concluding
a grandmother started to fly after her grand-dad...
Dima: New questions came here...
83. about the name of studio.
Dima: ( not "serpent")...on the whole, lizard - word -lizard likes me simply.
83. about dinozaurs.
Dima: They appear in turn. There dad and son .
84. About Euro...
Дима:I got experience, if will depart once again -
to the new will not be.
85.About klons.
Dima: There am not I nowhere there.
86. about a collaboration with Sasha.
Dima: Went out so...Turns out not bad for us.
87. Who does help?
Dima: Lizard. Always.
88. about experience.
Dima: I have not enormous luggage, but mainly, it some orientiry and sure steps.
89. About what will not never sing.
Dima: Never talk never, may be i will sing about bears ...
90. About yoga
Dima: As camera turned off, so I engage in yoga at once.. Dima: Fresh portion of questions
91. About Brego.
Dima: Brego- cult character. I plan a book to let out. I do not know, true,in what genre.
92. About anecdotes.
Dima: I talked i will not tell therefore.
93.о sense of life
Dima: I think that there is sense in life, and in death it is not.
94. about happiness in general.
Dima: There are facilities of folk medicine, they help.
95. That changed with beginning of career.
Dima: i am the closed man. I, know, such good....
96. Ideal of girl.
Dima: As in the song of "ideal it is not" - they not interesting.
97. Motto.
Dima: I forgot him,i had arms blason, i drew it at school
98. about "star illness"
Dima : Its peoples fantasy.
100. Question about to "change l "lets hug on lets kiss"...
Dima: Interesting question.
101. about a warming-up.
Dima: I like simply to come forward.
102. to depart in another country at concert?
Dima: (and... it a dinosaur squeaked )...
Dima: Thank you for questions.
I will sing songs.
You love each other.
We will meet on a concert.

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Can someone tell me if he answered to my question?? I can't find the answers.. and did he answered in english or in russian??

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wow Gladys you're a doll! thank you very much for this! will post it on the website later and credit you.

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Can someone tell me if he answered to my question?? I can't find the answers.. and did he answered in english or in russian??

I think that he did. You asked about next video clip when it will be made and where it will be shoot, right? so, here it is.

8. About a clip - will be taken off, all will tell then.

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Miranda Hi!!!

miranda пишет:

Does anyone if Pesnya Goda 2009 in Ukraine has been aired on TV yet? I would really like to have this performances there

Do you mean the consert that was the 18th of December in Ukraine???

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ссылка на сообщение  Отправлено: 30.03.09 12:32. Заголовок: Yes, i do :)..

Yes, i do :)

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Today the 1st of April!!!
My congratulations!!!

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In sweden everyone jokes on this day. so you have to watch your back

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haha yes here too miranda

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I didn't get many April Fool jokes today... not like the good old days at elementary school...

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